Koerner Hall

Koerner Hall is the flagship of the Royal Conservatory of Music. The second project that we did with our friends from Soundpace Vision. We were responsible for the noise and vibration control design and Bob Essert was in charge of the overall acoustic design.

Koerner Hall is on top of a major subway junction which posed a noise and vibration problem. When we did measurements on the site we found that this, of course, was the case. But during these measurements we also discovered that there was a problem with the compresser for the university's ice hockey arena about 6 m away from where the stage would be. In Canada you don't mess with ice making machines.

Partner Marc Bracken put paid to the building isolation issue. The concert hall and rehearsal hall are completely floated on rubber pads. The ventilation system and so many other elements of the building have been so carefully designed that Koerner Hall is as quiet as the threshold of human hearing.
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Architect: KPMB Architects
Acoustician of Record: Soundpace Vision/Aercoustics
Principal Acoustician (Noise Control): John O'Keefe