King Performing Arts Centre

The King Performing Arts Centre is part of Country Day School, located in King City, Ontario. The focus of the building is the 400 seat multi-purpose auditorium which has quickly become renowned for its wonderful acoustics. The complex includes a rehearsal hall for full orchestra, two smaller music rehearsal studios, a theatre studio, classrooms and a set shop. The construction cost was $7 million. The main auditorium is essentially black box studio, designed to be a bit taller to accommodate music requirements. A fundamental component of the design is the moveable proscenium arch which can be either acoustically transparent as shown here or visually opaque when a scrim is lowered behind it. The proscenium arch can also be rotated to provide wing space for theatrical presentations or stage space for musical events. The room has become a favourite recording venue of the Naxos recording label.
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Adjustable proscenium in the theatre mode
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Concert Mode
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View through the adjustable acoustics proscenium arch
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Middle School Christmas Concert

Architect: Diamond Schmitt Architects Inc.
Acoustician: John O'Keefe