Manitoba Theatre for Young People

It’s interesting that the projects that have brought us the most joy during their design and construction are the ones we are most proud of. Winnipeg is thought of by many as a frozen wasteland. Nothing could be further from the truth. The city is blessed with beautiful early 20th century architecture. The city can be justifiably proud of its artistic heritage. Neil Young, Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings all hail from Winnipeg. Not to mention Veronica Tennant and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

One of the acoustical challenges on this building was the nearby railway line. One of the busiest in the country. The noise from which was successfully abated.

The Manitoba Theatre for Young People is an institution dedicated to the education and presentation of young peoples’ art. It was indeed a privilege to contribute to the next generation of such a vibrant cultural city.
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Architect: Prairie Architects
Acoustician: John O'Keefe