THE PAST Welcome to O'Keefe Acoutics. O'Keefe Acoustics was originally formed in 1985. We worked with Barman Swallow Associates for six years and broke out on our own to form the modern version of Aercoustics Engineering Limited. The four partners, John O'Keefe, Vince Gambino, Marc Bracken and Bob Rimrott grew a four person firm, started in a suburban front room, into a 32 person assembly of great acousticians and engineers. Partner Marc Bracken championed an off-shoot company called echologics that detects leaks in underground water pipes using digitally manipulated acoustic signals. It employs 100 people now and has offices throughout the world. Not bad for four guys just out of school and working in their front room! The partners parted ways amiably in 2015.

THE FUTURE O'Keefe Acoustics brings these research and entrepreneurial talents to its new incarnation. For decades we have been committed to acoustics for the performing arts: Theatres, Concert Halls, Recital Halls and so much more. But it's not just acoustics for the performing arts and not just acoustics for itself but how good acoustics can benefit all of us. It could be a university lecture hall or a grade school classroom where children are just learning their language - something that is very close to our principal. We care about them all.

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O'Keefe Acoustics
10 Ridley Gardens, Toronto, Canada
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Young Centre for Performing Arts
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Princess of Wales Theatre
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Queen Elizabeth Theatre
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Benjamin and Marion Schuster Hall
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Canadian War Museum
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Koerner Hall
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Omnimax Cinema
Paul Davenport Theatre
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Pyatt Hall
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St. Patrick's Church, Toronto
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Vancouver East Cultural Centre
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Four Seasons Centre for the Arts
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Ismaili Centre Prayer Hall