Acoustical Society of India Plenary

A History of Modern Acoustics

In September of 2019, John O'Keefe was invited to give the Plenary Lecture as the special guest of the Acoustical Society of India. An honour and hospitality that was very much appreciated. The theme of the conference was Acoustics Past, Present and Future. Hence the topic of this discussion.

During the presentation, the electrical power cut out and the recording suffered. Mr. O'Keefe pressed on during the lecture - it would hardly be appropriate to interupt a talk on natural acoustics just because the microphone wasn't working! What you will hear on this webcast is a re-recording that he made upon his return to Canada. Click on the image to the right to see the introductory video, then listen to the lecture by clicking the audio bar below and click through the slides.

Note - Unfortunately, the advance buttons for the slides on this page are tempermental on some browsers, notably Safari. Re-sizing the browser window should get them back in order.

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Courtesy of Thineshan Kathirchelvan