Queen Elizabeth Theatre

The Queen Elizabeth Theatre was perhaps our most challenging and therefore most rewarding project we’ve ever done. The acoustical challenge was formidable. How do you make a post-war acoustical disaster into a space that could fill the seats and excite the patrons? The fellow who put all this project together was Rae Ackerman, then director of Vancouver Civic Theatres. He was adamant that our design should not compromise the seat count.

Acoustically, this was always something extremely difficult to do in a 2800 seat hall. Using the latest 21st century acoustic science and techniques, we were able to create an acoustical space that most acoustical experts would have told their clients was unachievable.

The acoustical design of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre is certainly the way to the future for large auditoria. But none of it would have been possible without the positive collaboration, the hard working and very creative team at proscenium architects + interiors.

If you're curious, please listen to the Saturday Afternoon at the Opera Interview, broadcast soon after the opening.

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Architect: procsenium architects + interiors
Original Architect: Arcop
Acoustician: John O'Keefe