Market Hall

Peterborough’s Market Hall is a heritage building and quite typical of early 20th century Ontario architecture. Like the Gravenhurst Opera House and Victoria Hall in Petrolia there is a municipal, or in this case, a commercial level on the ground floor beneath the auditorium. The renovation architect Bill Lett, a very qualified theatre architect working in Peterborough, took this project to his heart. As is obvious from the results.

Market Hall was yet another nascent experiment in our goal to bring advanced geometrical acoustic design to the fore. The facia, or balcony fronts, have been individually tilted to within centimetres of accuracy. Notice how they tilt more at the front of the room than in the rear. This results in an incredible improvement in the efficacy of the critical early acoustic reflections.

The venue is a beautiful contribution to the City of Peterborough and is loved by all.

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Architect: Lett Architects
Acoustician of Record: Aercoustics
Principal Acoustician: John O'Keefe