Scarborough Citadel

The Salvation Army is surely the pride of the English speaking world. It was founded in the East End of London in 1865 with a mission to help the poor, a mission they carry out to this day. They also have a music programme equallelled by few others. If you want to hear a good brass band, just go to your local Sally Ann. We were fortunate enough to help out with the design of the Scarborough Citadel. It was an enjoyable expererience to work with people who cared so much about architecture, music and the community. The Scarborough Citadel has been a tremendous success, giving an opportunity for good musicians to make music in a good space.

The Canada Staff Band performs an annual fundraiser for underpriveledged children who might not receive a present at Christmas. The goal of the fundraiser is to right that wrong. Our Principal has been privelidged to sing in the choirs beside the Salvation Army Band for going on 10 years.

Learning acoustics through science is essential. But learning through experience doesn't hurt either.
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Architect: SvN Architects
Acoustician: John O'Keefe