Don Wright School of Music

Talbot Hall is the pride of the University of Western Ontario, the home of its Faculty of Music. We, along with architect John Nicholson, were able to create a new building, the centre-piece of which is von Kuster Recital Hall, seen in the second image opposite.

Along with the recital hall - and just as important for a school of music - the building features a wide range of lecture halls and practice studios both big and small. That is, for anything from a large ensemble to a single student. Sound control between studios was a paramount concern, directed by us, of course, but embraced by the whole design team.

The university is very happy with the results. And, one hopes, the students are too.
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Double height practice room
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von Kuster Hall
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Complicated Construction for Good Sound Isolation
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Architect: Nicholson Sheffield Architects
Acoustician: John O'Keefe

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